Sizing instructions

Sizing Instructions (for Collars, Bracelets & Belt orders)
This is mandatory sizing instructions for all collars, bracelets, and belt orders to ensure proper sizing.

For Dog Collars: 
Measure your dog's NECK and order the size closest to that measurement. Don’t add anything, don’t measure the total length of the current collar. If you must use a current collar in ordering then measure only the length from the beginning of the leather/material at the buckle end to the hole that fits/is used at the other end. 

For Bracelets: 
Sizing hint – our Medium fits a 7.5” wrist or equal to the average bracelet purchased in most stores. 

For Belts: 
Generally, for men order one size larger than your pant size. If you wear a 34” waist pant – order a 36” belt.  For women order 2 pant size larger.  OR Measure a current belt that fits from the beginning of the leather at the buckle end to the hole that fits you best and order the closest size to that number.

Standard Sizes and Breed Examples These are some general recommendations based on dog breeds. Please measure your specific dog before ordering to ensure correct fit.

(8" - 11") Chihuahua (2-6 lbs) Italian Greyhound (11 lbs) Maltese (6-9 lbs) Miniature Pinscher (8-10 lbs) Papillon (9-10 lbs) Pekingese (8-10 lbs) Pomeranian (11 lbs) Silky Terrier (9-11 lbs) Yorkshire Terrier (8 lbs)

(11" - 15") Australian Shephard (27-45 lbs) Beagle (18-30 lbs) Bichon Frise (12-15 lbs) Boston Terrier (15-25 lbs) Brittany Spaniel (35-40 lbs) Cairn Terrier (~14 lbs) Corgi (28-30 lbs) King Charles Spaniel (13-18 lbs) Cocker Spaniel (24-28 lbs) Dachsund (~22 lbs) French Bulldog (13-26 lbs) Greyhounds under 50 lbs Lhasa Apso (13-15 lbs) Miniature Schnauzer (13-15 lbs) Pug (14-18 lbs) Scottish Terrier (19-23 lbs) Shetland Sheepdog (14-16 lbs) Shih Tzu (~14 lbs) Wheaten Terrier (35 lbs) West Highland White Terrier (15-22 lbs)

(15" - 22") Basset Hound (40-51 lbs) Bloodhound (88-105 lbs) Boxer (51-77 lbs) Chesapeake Bay Retriever (55-75 lbs) Colllie (50-75 lbs) Doberman Pinscher (66-88 lbs) English Bulldog (49-55 lbs) English Springer Spaniel (49-53 lbs) German Shephard (77-85 lbs) Golden Retriever (60-75 lbs) Greyhounds

over 50 lbs Labrador Retriever (55-75 lbs) Siberian Husky (35-60 lbs) Standard Poodle (~49 lbs) Vizsla (49-62 lbs) Weimaraner (70-85 lbs) Large (19" - 30") Bull Mastiff (100-130 lbs) Great Dane (~132 lbs) Great Pyreness (90-125 lbs) Mastiff (175-190 lbs) Newfoundland (120-150 lbs) Rottweiler (~110 lbs) Saint Bernard (110-121 lbs)