The Kenyan Collection began in 2003
as a modest effort to support a community
we care about. As passionate dog lovers,
the collection very easily and quickly
became focused on what we are now best
known for – exquisite leather beadwork.
These are works of art at the hands of the
Maasai Mamas who use leather as if a
canvas and beads as if paint.
The craftsmanship speaks for itself.

Tree 03

Fly Fishing Gift Box

2 ea of 15 fly patterns

Our Price: $54.00

Hand carved from Jacarand tree trimmings and hand painted; weather resistant. The artisan very cleverly integrates the bark of the tree in his representation of the birds and owls – even on the smallest bird.

Beaded Belts 1 1/2 inch wide - Fully Beaded Patterns

We have many beautiful one of a kind belts available. Once you select your size below we will send you a photo of the 1 ½” fully beaded belts currently in stock in your size to choose from.

Our Price: $170.00
Maasai Unlined Shoulder Bag

This unlined bag is approximately 17” wide x 12” long. Length of straps can be adjusted by simply tying the straps at various lengths.

Our Price: $220.00
"Maasai Shield" Beaded Dog Collar

Red/Black/White Random pattern with circles on black leather.

Beaded Belts 1 1/2 inch wide - Disc - Primary Circles

Primary Color Circles - on brown leather. Great with jeans and a T shirt or a stylish statement worn over a tunic top or simple dress to quickly pull together a fantastic look.

Our Price: $142.00